How We Serve Our Clients

Our goal is to replace your concerns with a lifetime of confidence by educating you on the financial services and tools available.

Our experience has taught us that many Americans believe they cannot successfully reach retirement or get through retirement comfortably. The basis of these concerns is generally focused on being subject to;

• stock and bond market volatility
• higher taxes
• higher prices for goods and services
• higher health care expenses
• a retirement that may last at least 25 years
• running out of money in retirement

To overcome the concerns above, the DFM path helps provide a lifetime of confidence thanks to;

• protection from stock and bond market volatility
• the ability to morally, legally and ethically disinherit the IRS
• inflation and health care protection
• longevity protection
• a lifetime of income

With the DFM path we hope to provide Americans with; security,independence, well-being, stability and freedom.

Kind Regards,

Jeffrey R. Duncan, MBA
Founder, Duncan Financial Management, Inc.